Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee supports two communities by employing over one hundred villagers during harvest season, and purchase our supplies and materials from villagers whenever possible to support the local economy. We also provide school supplies and medical equipment to the villagers to help build strong, healthy communities.  A legacy project and labour of love,


For generations, Hung’s has crafted fresh, authentic Asian noodles and wrappers. Our approach honours the tradition and richness of our cultural roots while our recipes are built for the needs of home and professional chefs of today. We make our noodles fresh daily in small batches with quality ingredients. Our journey began more than 30


WE’VE BEEN SUPPLYING IN-THE-KNOW CALGARIANS WITH OUR OWN LOCALLY ROASTED COFFEE FOR OVER 40 YEARS. We created our true Italian-style blend to shine in the machines we imported from Italy. Now this incredible coffee, with it’s seriously loyal following, is available for your grocery aisle.  


Osterberg Organic Shot Pro-active, trendsetting and  constantly developing innovative formulations to accommodate the consumer needs in taste, convenience, nutrition and functionality  Østerberg is supplied to numerous cafés, bakeries, hotels and supermarkets in mainly Asia, Egypt, India and the Middle East.


Seek Out the Swirl Made from Stone’s Okeanos provides sustainable , biodegradable packaging that is changing the world… in a great way! One of the easiest ways to reduce single-use plastic is by choosing brands who are taking positive steps to make their products less harmful for the environment. When brands adopt our signature coral